Public Lecture


Lecture/ Seminars

Nov 23, 2016 Mining Demographic and Personality Attributes for Building Intelligent Bots Xing Xie
Nov 18, 2016 Enhancing Health Promotion Effectiveness Using Message Strategies, New Media Platforms, and Mediated Channels YU Nan
Oct 21, 2016 Healing Process in a Nation Politically Divided Herbert Simons
Sept 27, 2016 Viewing of Live US Presidential Debate and Discussion with Professor Gitlin
The Media and the American Presidential Campaign
Todd Gitlin
Sept 26, 2016 Social Media, Social Change, and the Evolution of Society Todd Gitlin
Sept 13, 2016 Digital Anthropology and Global Comparative Study of Social Media Daniel Miller
Sept 9, 2016 UGC Grants: Cracking the Code Ian Aitken and Dominic Yeo
Apr 15, 2016 中韓電視劇生產及傳播機制比較初探 謝傑
Apr 8, 2016 Writing Grant Applications to Reflect the True Cost of Research Rick WONG
Mar 18, 2016 中國革命史的傳播學再發現 周海燕
Mar 11, 2016 Life after the Doctoral Studies: Job Research, Job Talk, U.S. Higher-ed Job Market for International Communication Scholars Yusuf Kalyango, Jr.
Mar 4 and 11, 2016 Comparative Empirical Public Opinion Research: Challenges, Particularities, and Benefits Yusuf Kalyango, Jr.
Feb 26, 2016 Shun Hing Distinguished Lecture Series – Media Research: Do New Questions Need New Research Methods? and What is ‘Research Impact’ Peter Golding
Feb 22, 2016 Shun Hing Distinguished Lecture Series – Why Studying the Media Needs a Sociological Perspective Peter Golding
Feb 19, 2016 The fdZone Hong Kong – Fourth Edition Camille Deprez
Feb 05, 2016 社交媒體改變中國與網路善治 王君超
Jan 15, 2016 Film Screening – THE fdZONE HONG KONG – Third Edition Camille Deprez
Jan 29, 2016 Korean Media: Striking a Balance between Culture and the State Eunkyoung Choi
Jan 29, 2016 China’s Contested Internet:Reflections on Two New Books Guobin Yang
Jan 22, 2016 Power as shared weakness or why the CCP is still afraid of the Internet Giovanni NAVARRIA
Internet Catchphrases and Popular Opinions in Contemporary China Mingjie LI
Nov 20, 2015 Food Issues In Post-Independence India Chiu Man Ying
Camille Deprez
Daisy Tam
Tam Ka Chai
Wong Kin Yiu
Nov 06, 2015 Journalistic Role Performance around the globe:Conceptual work, methodological challenges and preliminary findings Claudia Mellado
Oct 20, 2015 Health Communication/ Not As I Pictured:
A Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer’s journey through lymphoma
John Kaplan
Oct 15-16, 2015 Keystones of Knowledge Societies in the Digital Era William H.Dutton
Oct 09, 2015 New Media, Culture, and International Business Communication: The New Frontier of Intercultural New Media Studies Robert Shuter
Oct 02, 2015 The current situation and developmental trends of the Press and Publishing industry in Mainland China in the context of the internet Zhao Yanhua
Sep 18, 2015 CRAFTING MODERNITY Camille Deprez
Jul 15, 2015 Communication in a Mobile Networked Society Peter Vorderer
Apr 24, 2015 The Place of the TV Set in Home-making
TV Consumption of Chinese Rural Migrants in Two Urban villages
Apr 02, 2015 Why Google is a political matter ? John Keane
Mar 02-03, 2015 The News Crisis in the United States (and Beyond):
Is News Getting Better or Worse — or What?
Michael Schudson
Nov 14, 2014 Critical Approaches to Studying Asian Pop Culture Anthony Fung
Sep 15, 2014 About Soft Power and Other Forms of Power A Critique of a Chinese Adaptation of an American Concept Helge Rønning
Dec 4, 2013 謠言共和國中的當代思想狀況:從「工業黨」出發 林凌
Nov 22, 2013 Communication and Cultural Studies Distinguished
Lecture Series XIX:

Creating the Papyrus Society: How We Are Using Media to Monitor Civic Life and Live in Personal Community
Donald L. SHAW
Nov 20, 2013 受眾研究: 收視、市場與競爭 劉燕南
Oct 02, 2013 Communication and Cultural Studies Distinguished
Lecture Series XVIII:
The Cultural Shift from Role to Emotion: Developing Intercultural Theory on Conflict Management and Negotiation
Deborah CAI
Mar 13, 2013 Communication and Cultural Studies Distinguished
Lecture Series XVII:
Conceptualizing Some New Developments in Korean Wave in East Asian Pop Culture
CHUA Beng Huat
Jan 25, 2013 Communication and Cultural Studies Distinguished
Lecture Series XVI:
Reaching a Consensus: Standards for Research and Measurement in Public Relations Practice
Oct 26, 2012 Communication and Cultural Studies Distinguished
Lecture Series XV:
Living with Cultural Theory and Criticism: A Personal View
Leo Ou-fan LEE
Jun 27, 2012 A Communication Architecture of Group Process Designs for Decision Making Joseph CHILBERG
May 29, 2012 Media and Communication Series:
(co-organized with Research Postgraduate Programme, School of Communication) Reflections on Chinese Melodrama Film Studies
May 07, 2012 從「玩影像」到「故事雲」:數位敘事的探索歷程 LU Feii
Apr 17, 2012 Distinguished Lecture Series XIV on Communication and
Cultural Studies:
The Crisis of Journalistic Professionalism in the United States
Daniel C. HALLIN
Feb 06, 2012 從千禧後到那些年 ─ 我們一起形成的寶島電影新流域 Isabelle WU
Nov 25, 2011 Distinguished Lecture Series XIII on Communication and
Cultural Studies:
The Death of Hollywood: Exaggeration or Reality?
Nov 23, 2011 Master Class for Postgraduate Students :
Studying Global Hollywood
Nov 18, 2011 Dis/embodied Voice: The Songstress and the Mechanics of Stardom in Postwar Mandarin Cinema Jean MA
Apr 28, 2011 Distinguished Lecture Series XII on Communication and
Cultural Studies:
Imagining Chinese Communication Theories: Towards a Comparative Perspective
Joseph CHAN
Mar 11, 2011 The Changing Faces of American Television News Mable CHAN
Dec 02, 2010 Distinguished Lecture Series XI on Communication and
Cultural Studies:
The Fatality of Language and the Logic of Media Capital
Michael CURTIN
Nov 11, 2010 中國式“人肉搜索”與網絡民意 LUO Gang
Oct 15, 2010 Dynamics of World Cinema: Five Strands in Transnational Film Circulation Dina IORDANOVA
Sep 29, 2010 The Media Ethics in the Philippines Bus Hostage Crisis Weizhi YIN
Mar 30, 2010 Joint Lecture: How Motion Pictures Become the Movies David BORDWELL
Mar 25, 2010 介紹大陸傳播學三大實證研究方法現階段的最新探索 YU Guoming
Mar 19, 2010 Family Communication Environments: Their Ultimate Impact on Children in Adulthood Lynne M. WEBB
Mar 10, 2010 The Time Trilogy of Hou Hsiao-Hsien Wenchi LIN
Jan 29, 2010 Distinguished Lecture Series X on Communication and
Cultural Studies:
Orientalism, Occidentalism and Communication Research
Georgette WANG
Jan 18, 2010 Two Conflicting Moral Codes in Journalism Organizations and Mainland China Weizhi YIN