Public Relations Series


Lecture/ Seminars


Oct 24, 2016 Online/Social Intelligence Research for Public Relations and Advertising Practice Angus Cheong
Sept 27, 2016 Using Online/Social Intelligence for Effective Campaign Planning Ralph Szeto
Apr 7, 2016 Case Sharing in Reputation and Issue Management Mr. Charles Lankester
Mar 30, 2016 Data Analytics of Digital Public Relations: Practices and Challenges Mr. Angus Cheong
Nov 17, 2015 Global Trends in Strategic Communication Management: Results and insights based on empirical research across 80 countries Prof. Ansgar Zerfass
Sep 12, 2015 Digital Data Analytics and Social Media Management Mr. Chun-Hung Lu
Mar 18, 2015 Drawing Connections between Public Relations,Cognitive Behavior and Neuroscience:Opportunities and Implications for the Profession and Practice Dr. Terence Flynn
Mar 18, 2015 Top Ten Public Relations Research Insights for 2014 and Their Implications for the Practice Dr. Sarab Kochhar
Oct 27, 2014 Managing Reputation Risk in a Global Economy Harlan Loeb
Mar 24, 2014 Using Research to Measure Digital Communication Activities Mr. Fergus Clarke
Mar 13, 2013 Two Dynamics that Change Everything in PR:
Extreme Transparency and the New Definition of News
Mr. Rob Flaherty
Feb 26, 2013 A Career Starting Point in PR Mr. Simeon Mellalieu Mr. Patrick Yu Ms. Nicola Monks
Nov 21, 2012 Corporate Sustainability Ms. Maria Cheung
Nov 13, 2012 Communications is Changing Mr. Fred Cook
Apr 17, 2012 Crisis Preparedness: How Can We Be 100% Prepared? Ms. Elin Wong
Mar 22, 2012 Engaging Employees and Improving Operational Excellence through Internal Crowd Sourcing Mr. Christian Schubert
Mar 04, 2011 Social Media Governance:
Regulatory Frameworks as Drivers of Success in Online Communications
Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass
Feb 24, 2011 Measurement and Communication Controlling –
New Directions
Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass
Nov 10, 2010 Consumers Engage Mr. Alan VanderMolen
Nov 03, 2010 Managing Issues in a Minefield:
Navigating Communications in today’s Treacherous Political, Economic and Financial World —
Analyses and Observations through Case Studies
Mr. Chris LIU
Oct 20, 2010 From Bad Boy to Giraffee – Brand Vulnerability Matters Ms. Georgeana FUNG
Feb 24, 2010 Transparency and Trust: Interwined Mr. Alan VanderMolen